Polish National Parks in the north-eastern part of Poland

Biebrza National Park was established in 1993 as the 18th Polish national park. Today, the Biebrza National Park is the largest park in Poland and the one of bigger parks in Europe. The aim of the Park is to protect vast areas of peat bogs of the Biebrza Valley and the small fragment of Sokole Hills. The most interesting and major values in the Park are: the wide valley of Biebrza River with the biggest peat bogs’ complex in Poland, rare and endangered species of animals, plants and birds. The symbol of the Park is the ruff.
Narew National Park protects the area of Narew River system with its abundance of flora and fauna. This place is unique at European and global level. The fragment of the Narev River, from Suraż to Rędzain, is a perfect example of natural, unaltered river system which flows several troughs at the same time. This uniqueness was the main reason for protecting this part of the valley. It is only one fragment in Europe and one of the four in the world which still an anastomosing river system. It means that the Narew River consists of a network of interconnected channels.
Białowieża National Park – is located in the north-eastern part of Poland and lies in the central part of the Białowieża Forest. It is the oldest national park in Poland established in 1921. Białowieża National Park protects the best-preserved part of the Białowieża Forest – the last primeval natural forest on the European Lowland. It is so unique because of rich biological diversity. The symbol of the Park is European bison – the biggest land mammal in Europe. Its population is the greatest in the Białowieża Forest. In Polish part of that forest there is about 430 bisons. The Białowieża Park is the only one natural site which was inscribed on the World Heritage list (1979). That place is also interesting due to its historical and cultural attractions such as the Palace Park from 19th/20th c. with the English-style gardens, the oldest building in Białowieża – wooden manor house, the oldest monument in Białowieża – sandstone obelisk.

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