Professor Białobok’s Forest Arboretum in Stradomia Dolna

One of Poland’s most recently created arboretums, located in Stradomia Dolna, was established in 1993 out of a small forest nursery. Today it contains 150 hectares of a mixed boron, consisting of pines, oak trees and birch-trees. The object collects various species of trees and examines them. At the arboretum you can admire one of the largest collections of pines in Poland, as well as a park with beautifully blooming, multicolor species of rhododendrons and magnolias. At the area of the arboretum there is also a complex of ponds with interesting water plants and a forest educational path. It is an incredibly peaceful and charming place, perfect for relaxing walks and spending time in the surroundings of nature.

Not far from here, in Stradomia Wierzchnia, there is a retention reservoir, which now functions a swimming area. Here, you can sunbathe at the pleasantly developed beaches, go fishing, or even rent a kayak, a water bike or a boat.

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