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Rajgrod and the Rajgrodzkie Lake

Rajgrod and the Rajgrodzkie Lake are some of the most ineresting tourist attractions in Podlasie. And more precisely, at the border between Podlasie and Mazury. That’s because the border of the regions runs directly through the lake.

The history and fun facts about Rajgrod
Rajgrod is a small town in the podlaskie region, located upon the lake with a similar name, which originated from the name of the town. There are not much more than 1500 permanent citizens. Rajgrod gained its city rights twice. First back in 1568. Between 1863 and 1924, Rajgrod lost its city rights, but regained them shortly afterwards.

It has been said, that these areas were already enhabited by humans around 900 B.C. The first historical document of this village was written down in 1429, but it was earlier mentioned, that it was a place owned by the Jaćwingowie tribe, who established a settlement called Raj.

The local citizens main job was mostly bee-keeping, fishing and tradingf wood, and the local areas were owned for some time to the Radziwiłł family. In the late 16th century, Rajgrod became a royal town, after being owned by Zygmunt August.

After the Polish partitions the local lands were owned for a short time by the Prussian country. And after the Tylża peace in 1807, they were included in the Warsaw County.

Among the monuments of Rajgrod we must mention the neogothic church of the birth of the Holliest Virgin Mary. (treated as a sanctuary) A calvary was built nearby.

In this town you can also find a monumental Opartowo mansion, the Organist mansion and a Jewish cemetery. Because of the location by the edges of the lake, Rajgrod is also a well known
tourist-recreational resort.

The Rajgrodzkie Lake
The Rajgrodzkie Lake is located in the Elk Lake district. Its most part is inclluded in the podlaskie region. Its surface is approximately 15 hectares. The average depth is nearly 9 meters, and the maximum depth is 52 meters. This reservoir is strongly extensive, and its parts/bays are the Stackie Lake and Przepiórka Lake.

In many places, the high edges of the lake are covered by pine forests. The lake is located at the route of the water trail between Olecko and Augustow, that’s why we can often see sailors here.

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