Sanok is a Polish town, located in nthe valley of the river San, in the podkarpackie region. And there ar plenty of interesting things to see and do in this town.

The Mołotowa Line Bunker
The Mołotowa Line in Bieszczady is a popular description for for a network of soviet bunkers, built across the border with the Third Reich. The battle shelters were built from 1940 to the attack of Germany at the Soviet Union. In several places around Lesko, Sanok-Olchowce Bykowce and Załuż you can see well-preserved shelters. Some of them have a very interesting story The shelter have a complicated structure and multiple stories.

The Autosan Bus Factory
Today, most people associate the logo of the Autosan company, with a characteristic stork, only with numerous buses riding through the roads of Poland. But since 1832, the 184-year history of this company proves that it’s a lot easier to tell someone what was its purpose. And its history might surprise quite a few people. One of the breakthrough moments of the company’s history was the year 1886, when one of its founders, Walenty Lipiński, passed on the workshop to his 29-year old son – Kazimierz Lipiński.

The thing that Autosan is associated with today, began on January 1, 1958, when it officially became the Sanok Factory of the Autosan Buses. During that time period, there was only one other polish bus factory – in Jelcz.

The Dobry Wojak Szwejk Bench
At May 3rd Street – which is commonly known by the people of Sanok as the promenade – you can see the bronze statue of Dobry Wojak Szwejk. This character miggt be fictional, but it is very popular. In Sanok you might spend half a day looking for the mnemorials of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy, like for example the „3 Roses” Hotel, the Dobry Wojak Szwejk Avenue – the first Polish street named after him and the school, which was one of the stops of Szwejk’s company.

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