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Siklawa Waterfall

Siklawa is a waterfall located in the High Tatra Mountains, at the Roztoka stream. It is the largest waterfall in Poland, which falls from the wall separating the valley of the Five Polish Ponds and the valley of Roztoka, through two or three streams (depending on the height of the water level in Wielki Staw). The tilt of the wall is approximately 35 degrees, and the height of the riffle – between 65 and 70 meters.It’s the largest waterfall in the Tatra Mountains and the highest waterfall in Poland.

The name of the Siklawica waterfall in the western Tatra Mountains originates from Siklawa.

Wielka Siklawa looks the most beautiful on sunny days, after thick rains, around it, in the sprayed water drops, multicolorful rainbows are created. Siklawa was a popular trip destination back in the early 19th century. Described by poets, captured by painters.

The tourist trail leadsa through the right side of the waterfall through the long belt of post-glacial smoothings. (the so-called „Danielki”) These are dangerous places, because they’re covered with ice. In 1924, a Tatra mountain guide named Jan Gąsienica Daniel was killed here after slipping o the ice – and that’s where the name of the place came from.

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