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Lodz: SuperEnduro World Championship

Super Enduro is an extremely spectacular discipline in which riders on motorbikes must overcome a specific obstacle like for example stones, big car tires, logs and pools of water. Motocross takes place only on specially prepared tracks in the open air. Each race is relatively short and usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.
26 players signed up to race in Lodz. Only 16 of them will be qualified for the final race. Participants will be racing on the track prepared by the Lodz Motor Club. In the hall there will be 600 tons of earth and unusual obstacles, including pile of tires.
In addition to the main event there will also be a race of juniors and one race with the participation of women. This one will include Toni Jardine from South Africa, who will start in the helmet with the inscription “Madiba 46664”. In this way she wants to pay homage to the deceased Nelson Mandela (46664 is the prison number of former president of South Africa). The organizers have also prepared many additional attractions. One of them will be a race of small tractors for mowing, led by the former ski jumper Adam Malysz.
Tickets cost 65-110 PLN.

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