Surprising attractions in Poland

Some attractions might not look much interesting until you get close to them. These are places often visited by Polish peolpe, because they can offer many positive surprises.

Stawa Mlyny
It migfht not be anything extraordinary, because it is just a navigation sign. But this is a special building. Stawa Mlyny looks similar to a windmill and is one of the most beautiful seaside buildings in Poland. This is the best commercial of Swinoujscie. It’s no wonder why many people love coming back here

The Krzyztopor Castle
There is no other polish castle with more mysterious meanings there are as many windows as the days of the year, as many roooms as weeks and 12 giant rooms – the same number as of the months of the year. The Krzyztopor castle is one giant mystery, and it is connected to the story of Krztysztof Ossolinski.

Bardo Slaskie and pontoon rides
Bardo is an underrated, yet beautifully located city in the Dolnoslaskie region, similar to Dunajec, here you can go rafting down a wild river. The Pontoon ride down the Bardzki Przelom, which is riding through five meanders of Nysa Klodzka, will give you unforgettable experiences. The Bardo Slaskie pontoon rides received a 2018 Tourists Oscar fromhte Polish Tourism Organization.

The beautiful architecture of Lanckorona attracts not only those, who have a romantic soul. There are very few such characteristic villages in Poland In Lesser Poland, we can find the gorgeous Zalipie, which is considered the most beautiful village in Poland.
But going to Lanckorona is like going back in time, since local houses are incredibly charming.

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