Swietokrzyski National Park

The Swietokrzyski National Park was created on May 1st 1950. It is located in the central part of the Swietokrzyskie Mountains and contains the area of the mountain range of Lysogory and the Bald Mountain, as well as part of the Klonowskie range, the Wilkowska Valley and the Debnianska Valley.

Ath the top of the Bald Mountain there is a Nature Museum of the Swietokrzyski National Park. Other tourist attraction include, among others, a complex of buildings of a former Benedictines monastery at Swiety Krzyz, established in the 12th century

According to official information, the forest cover 95% of the park’s surface. The mixed fir forests and Carpathian beeches are characteristic ot the park. The most common trees in the park are the beech, the fir tree, the larch, the pine and the spruce. The more rare trees include
thebroad-leaved lime, the European white elm and the yew-tree. So far, there were 1015 vascular plants discovered in the park’s area.

There are 45 species of mammals living in the park, mainly European deers and boars, as well as the marten, the red vole and the forest mouse. There are also 14 types of amphibians, including the mountain newt and the grass frog, as well as 6 types of reptiles, including the sand lizard.

At the mountain ridges there are characteristic rock debris, known as the goloborze, which gives the landscape a specific character. They were created in a periglacial climate, which generated beneficial conditions for frosting.

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