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Szczepanow is a small village located to the north from Brzesko, in which, according to tradition, St. Stanislaw, one of the main patrons Of Poland, was born. However, htere are no documents approving the birthplace of the Saint. It is also unclear when the town itself appeared for the first time.
It migt have existed since the early 11th century, although it was first historically mentioned in the Pence List between 1325 and 1327.
Despite having not many proofs of the birthplace of St. Stanislaw, we do have information about his school years and later life. After the carefully received education, he began a church career, which was meant to be followed by getting ready to follow the footsteps of the Krakow bishop Lambert.
In 1088, nine years after being sentenced to death and executed, the body of St. Stanislaw from Szczepanow was solemnly moved from the church on Skalka to the Wawel hill.
Later, thanks to the efforts of bishop Jan Prandota, Stanislaw from Szczepanow was hailed as a Saint.
The cult of the holiness of Stanislaw from Szczepanow was strongly expanded ni the mid-13th century, and even today, St. Stanislaw the bishop is one of the most popular patrons of parishes and churches in Poland.

Right after entering Szczepanow from the village of Mokrzysko we can find places, which according to local tradition, are associated with the life of St. Stanislaw the bishop. At the cemetery there is a classicist church under the calling of St. Stanislaw, founded in 1781 by Stanislaw Lubomirski. It has been said that this was the place of the Saint’s family home. There is also a small church, ornamented withj a facade in a form of a triumph arch. In the 18th century main altar you can see the copy of a scene from the field of the main triptych in the old parish church.

On the other side of the road, at a small square, surrounded by a stone wall, you can see the chapel of Birth of St. Stanislaw, built in 1861. Inside, there is an altar with a copy of a 1520 picture of birth and baptism os St. Stanislaw.
Currently in Szczepanow there is a new church of St. Maria Magdalena and St. Stanislaw, build based on a project of Jan Sas Zubrzycki in the gothic-esque style. The inside both churches, old and new, is covered with pictures, resembling the life and death of St. Stanislaw, as well as the 1000th anniversary of christianity in Poland.

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