Szydłów is a place, where time stands still. This unique town in the świętokrzyskie region maintained its medieval character thanks to the remainings of the 14th century walls and other buildings. You only have to take a quick look at this town to feel like you have gone a few centuries back in time.

Several towns in Poland delight with their incredible layouts, preserved in almost unchanged form since the middle ages. Szydłów is sometimes called the Polish Carcassone, and so are Byczyna and Paczków. There are more than one town compared to the famous french castle.

Szydłów is unique thanks to the one of a kind climate of a medieval countryside. The settlement was established back in the times of Władysław Łokietek, but the town didn’t experience its most outstanding and greatest time until the reign of Kazimierz the Great.

On January 1st 2019, Szydłów regained its city rights after losing it for many years in 1869. For al that time it was a village, the headquarters of the community in the Staszów County. But right now it can be proud of its status of a city once again.

There were 3 gates leading to medieval Szydłów, inlcuding the Kraków Gate, which survived until today and originated from the 14th century.

Some of the most important monuments of Szydłów include, among others:

The parish church by the calling of St. Władysław from the 14th century

The gothic church by the calling of All Saints from the late 14th and early 15th century.

The late-renaissance synagogue from the 16th century, which currently holds a museum. Here you can observe, among others, an altar wardrobe and priceless religious books.

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