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Tarnobrzeg is a Polish city located in the podkarpackie region. The name of the city comes from the gentry family of Tarnowscy, who founded it. But it wasn’t officially known as Tarnobrzeg until the 19th century. That’s when it became the headquarters of the County and the Tarnobrzeg railway station was created. In 1918 the self-proclaimed country was named th Tarnobrzeg Republic. The revived 2nd Republic left Tarnobrzeg as the headquarters of the county.

Here are a few interesting places that you should check out while visiting Tarnobrzeg:

The Tarnowscy Mansion – the creation of this castle complex began in the 15th century. It originally served as a defensive tower castle. In the 17th and 18th century it was adopted by the Tarnowski family and rebuilt. In 1830 it was redesigned for a neogothic residence-museum, based on the project by Franciszek Maria Lanci.

The Bartosz Glowacki Square – the central square of the city located in the Old Town. This plaza was the witness of the city’s most important events, including the events of the 1918 Tarnobrzeg Republic.

The Hunting Mansion also known as the Mokrzyszowski Mansion – the 19th century neogothic Mansion, currently used for the purposes of the Teachers’ Education Centre. The beginnings of the mansion date back to 1853, when its construction began. It lasted until 1893. The Mokrzyszowski Mansion is an example of neogothic romantic architecture. It preserved the complete neogothic architectural details on both the inside and the outside of the building.

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