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Tatra Mountain Investment

There are big plans awaiting the Tatra mountain village of Kiry in the very near future. The Kiry Nature Education Centre is meant to be built by the entrance of the Koscielisko Valley.’
This project, commissioned by the Tatra Mountains National Park, assumes that the new place will be completely hidden underground, and its roof will be covered by plants. The goverment of the Park want to make sure the New Centre makes as little impact on the local landscape as possible.

For many years, there was a very successful Tatra Mountain National Park Nature Education Centre, which is located in Zakopane, by Chalbinskiego street. This place is highly rated by visitors, and you can enter it for free. However, it is crucial that you book an entrance for a particular hour.
Anyone, who goes inside the Centre ends their visit with a large amount of knowledge about the animals and plants in the Tatra Mountains, as well as protection of the Tatra Mountains National Park.

The new investment of the Park in Kiry is set to be finished in late 2021 and will cost
18 million PLN.

In the underground building of the Centre there will be several rooms with different themes You will be able to get familiar with such topics as the chronicles of Tatra Mountain protection and the history of discovery of caves in the Koscielisko Valley. There will be a room called „Infrared”, in which the visitors will receive night vision goggles and an infrared flashlight. Their job will be to find the species of animals drawn on the walls, which will light up under the impact of infrared.

Other rooms will include:
„The eyes of darkness”, where you will have a chance to get through a corridor of a dark cave, which will be first seen on monitors,

„Like a bat”, where you will have to pass a dark maze in a helmet with sensors. You will get a chance to feel like a real bat.

„Cave shapes” – a room with a diorama presenting the caves. The visitors will choose their favourite cave shape and lighten it up, to activate its presentation and commentary.

In the centre there will also be an information point about the mountain weather, a description of actual nature phenomena and an interactivee section, where you’ll be able to finds out, how garbage decomposes and how much of it is annually driven away from the area of the Tatra Mountains National Park.

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