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Tatra Mountains – the smallest great mountains of Europe

The Tatra mountains, often called „the smallest great mountains of Europe” will definitely amaze anyone, without any exceptions. It’s simply impossible to resist the granite walls, that are thousands of meters high, sharp ridges and impressive peaks.

Because of their alpine construction, the highest mountains in Poland are the most demanding when it comes to hiking fans. But sharp ridges, steep approaches, big differences in heights and exhibits, that can squeeze your throat a cause your legs to shake are nothing compared to the local weather. Sudden temperature changes, gusts of mountain wind, snowfalls that can make you lose your orientation in the field – all these aspects make you want to be well-prepared for a trip to the Tatra mountains. The mountain nature, which is best to be observed in the Tatra National Park, is one of the many reasons to set out for deep valleys and to the ridges that seem impossible to reach. After all, it is one of the few places were you might be able to spot (even if from a big distance) bears, mountain goats, wolfs and delightfully hilarious marmots.

Palenica Białczańska – The Pięć Stawów Valley – Świstowa Czuba – Morskie Oko
A fantastic, short and not very demanding trail in terms of condition, which will allow you to see the magical Pięć Stawów Valley, the Morskie Oko, the silhouette of Rysy, and the idyllic Valley of Roztoki. This valley is considered to be one of the most beautiful valleys in the Tatra Mountains. No wonder it is so frequently chosen by hiking fans. The journey begins in Palenica Białczańska, were you get easily get by car or bus. It is one of the most popular launching points on the Polish side of the Tatra Mountains, especially in the summer – you have to be ready for a huge amount of tourists.

Kuźnice – Murowaniec – Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy – Kościelec – Kuźnice
The best trail for anyone who likes quick challenges – it may be short, but it guarantees exposures, approaches and views at the dark waters of Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy. And of course, going up one of the most gorgeous peaks in the Tatra Mountains.

Kuźnice – Czerwone Wierchy – Kiry
A half-day trip, which is best to take in September or October. The trail, which leads through the Kościeliska Valley to three characteristic peaks of Krzesanica, Małołączniak and Ciemniak is a true hit of the western Tatra mountains!

Wierch Poroniec – Rusinowa Polana – Gęsia Szyja
We go to this place from the stop at Wierch Poroniec. We follow the green trail from the parking to to Rusinowa Polana (about 45 minutes) This trail is one of the easier it mostly leads through the forest. During the trip, beautiful views are revealing, especially on the slender peaks of of Tatra Bielskie and Wysokie. Ater arriving at Rusinowa Polana we can have some rest with the entire family. At the spot, there are benches, tables and a mountain hut. As well as spectacular views.
After a while of relaxing we take of towards Gęsia Szyja. (1489 meters above the sea level), where you will get by following the still woody trail, climbing the wide steps (Some say that there are about 900 steps). Getting to the top takes about 45 minutes.

Tarna pod Nosalem – Nosal – Kuźnica – Tarna pod Nosalem
Nosal (1206 meters) is easily reachable from Zakopane and especially popular among families with children. It raises above Kuźnica, between the Bystra Valley and the Olczyska Valley. Despite its small height, you can have spectacular views at the Tatra Mountain peaks, you can also see Zakopane perfectly. Walking through the entire ridge of Nosal takes as little as 1,5 hours, so it is a good choice for beginners.

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