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The Biebrzanski National Park

The Biebrzanski National Park was established on September 9th 1993. It is located in the Podlaskie region and contains the area of the Biebrza valley, beginning with the estuary of Niedzwiedzica to Biebrza and finishing with the estuary of Biebrza to Narew.

At the area of the Biebrzanski National Park you can encounter water gatherings, swamp gatherings, peat bog gatherings and rushes, as well as forest gatherings.

At the area of the park there are 49 species of mammals, 271 species of birds, 36 species of fish, 12 types of amphibians and 5 types of reptiles.

The most precious qualities of the Park is a wide valley of a strongly meandering Biebrza river, with the largest complex of peatlands in Poland, known as the Biebrza Swamps. Along with the unique mosaics of the swamp habitats as well as the extensive farming, rare and endangered species of plants, birds and other animals are remaining here. Another characteristic thing for the Biebrzanski National Park are broad landscapes, ecosystems and habitats, which were irrevocably destroyed as a result of drying swamps and peatbogs.

The Biebrza Swamps are considered one of the most important mainstays for water-mud birds in the country and in Europe. An evidence of the international rank of the nature qualities of the Biebrza valley is the fact, that it is considered a mainstay for birds of a European rank, according to the BirdLife International classification. In 2004, the valley of Biebrza was included in the
Natura 2000 network. Currently, it is an area of special protection of birds and an area of special protection of habitats.

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