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The castle and St. Malgorzata’s church in Debno

Before we invite you to see the castle and church of St. Malgorzata in Debno, we must mention that in Lesser Poland, there are not one, but two villages that are named Debno and are interesting for tourists. One of them is located in the nowotarski County, and is famous for its old, wooden church, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Meanwhile, the second village of Debno, the one that we are describing today, is located between Tarnow and Brzesko by the route DK94.

The Debno castle
In the 15th century the Great Crown Chancellor – Jacob from Debno built his brick headquarters in a shape of a irregular square. Originally, according to descriptions, the building was supposed to have defensive purposes, although currently, unlike many other castles, it doesn’t have a moat or solid walls surrounding the castle. The building has two floors, and you can get inside by using the baroque portal. At the inner courtyard tourists can notice a well covered with a shingle.

Over the past years, the castle had many owners, who made many renovations and makeovers. However, the central brick remained practically unchanged. The castle in Debno has its legends, one of which tells the story of a former heiress walled up in a wedding dress. She was met with punishment for refusing to marry a man chosen by her parents.

St. Malgorzata’s church in Debno
Not far from the castle there is a late-gothic church built between the late 15th and early 16th century. It was founded by the earlier-mentioned Jacob from Debno. But you might find it surprising to know that St. Malgorzata wasn’t actually the patron of the church until the early 17th century. The building was created from irregular stone blows and bricks.

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