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The Comedy Movie Fesival in Lubomierz

Lubomierz is a picturesque urban team a the Izerskie Foothills. Most of the tourists coming here are amazed with the monumental buildings of the main street, which include the 1688 Town Hall, the Clothmaker House from the 16th century and the pillory.

The open air of Lubomierz and its surroundings was the place, where the trilogy of Sylwester Chęciński was filmed. This trilogy included „Sami swoi”, „Nie ma mocnych” and „Kochaj albo rzuć”. In the following years, Lubomierz welcomed makers of oher movies, including „Daleko na Zachodzie”, „Maratończyk”, „Kocham kino”, „Zakład”, and most recnetly the „Tajemnica Twierdzy Szyfrów” TV show. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this movie tradition became the inspiration to organize a movie festival. The 25th anniversary of „Sami swoi” became the reason ot oganize several evens, which eventually became today’s Comedy Movie Festival. At the Main Market Square of Lubomierz there is the so-called „Movie Corner” with the commemorative boards of actors who used to be guests at the festival.

During the festival, which is organized in mid-august, the tiny Lubomierz really becomes the capital of Polish comedy. There are plenty attractions for fans of Polish Movie Comedies, including meetings wih polish actors and directors, night-time screenings of summer cinema at the Main Market Square and concers of movie music in the local church. The stage by the Town Hall is a place for numerous games, contest and concerts. Since 1999, the festival also organizes a movie competition Thev winners of the competition can be awarded with the Golden Grenade, the Silver Grenade and the Bronze Grenade, as well as the Navy Blue Grenade, which is the award of the Public.

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