The Drawski Landscape Park

The Drawski Landscape Park was established in 1979 and is located in the most beautiful and most diverse part of the Drawskie Lake District in terms of landscapes. There are nearly 60 lakes at the area of the park. The largest of these lakes is Drawsko, which is also one of the largest water areas of the entire Pomorskie Lake District and the second deepest lake in Poland (80 meters). The water surface is diversified by islands, including Bielawa, which has 80 hectares of surface and is the 5th largest inland island in Poland.

Czaplinek is located at the isthmus between the Lake Drawsko bay and the small lake of Czaplino.
The surroundings of the city is the former Polish-Pomeranian border. Before the mid-17th century, there were constant battles for the influence and control of the area between Poland and Branderburgia. Czaplinek was created as a servant’s settlement of the castle in Stare Drawsko, which used to be a Joannit headquarters. As a result of the conflict with Branderburgia, the Joannits sold Czaplinek to king Kazimierz the Great and went under his care. After the Swedish deluge, Jan Kazimierz was forced to retreat from Czaplinek and the Brandenburgia Castle. It wasn’t until 1945 that these lands returned to Poland. The centre of the city is created by the building complex from the late 19th century and the early 20th century. Its prettiest fragment is the well-preserved Main Market Square. It is surrounded from three sides by stylish stonehouses.

At the Main Market Square by the fountain the main chain of bicycling trails is located. There are
4 loops – 2 leading to the north – the blue Five Lake Valley (47 kilometers) and the red Land of the Enchanted Triangle (45 kliometers) – and 2 leading to the south -the black Lake Lobeliowe
(33.5 kilometers) and the green Dobrzyca (45 kliometers) – which allow tourists to get familiar with the most beautiful places in the surroundings of Czaplinek.

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