The Drawskie Lake District

The Drawskie Lake District consists of a wiode range of lakes, extending to the south-west from Upper Gwda to Central Drawa. The landscape of this beautiful region contains huge tracts of forests and sleepy towns between the meanders of flowing rivers.

The easiest wasy to get here is to ride through Pila and Stargard Szczecinski. The best tiome to visit the Drawskie Lake District is in the Summer, when the lakes are white from sails, or in the autumn, when you can fill your backpack with delicious mushrooms.

If you’re wondering what to visit in the Drawskie Lake District, here are a few suggestions.

Despite its unquestionable charm, this town with 17 000 citizens, located upon the river Rega lies beyond the popular tourist trails and might remind you of the so-called „closed cities” Even so, it is definitely worth coming to this town, especially in the June of an even year, when the historical battle of the cow with the Bialogoard is stagede at the stadium.
Apart from that, you should also visit the Joannici Castle and the gothic church of Mother of Ceaseless Help.

Polczyn Zdroj
Polczyn Zdroj is located in the most picturesque corner of the Drawskie Lake District
This town has 10000 citizens and the largest health spa in northern Poland. While visiting
Polczyn Zdroj, you should definitely visit the Spa Park, which expands at the surface of 80 hectares. Here, you can find quiet spots to relax, an outdoor swimming pool with a paddling pool for small children a bike rental, a cinema and stylish cafes.

The Five Lake Valley
A few kilometers to the south of Polczyn there are five lakes in a narrow valley, connected with the river Drawa: the Small Lake (5.7 ha), the Deep Lake (9 ha), the Long Lake (14.3 ha), the Round Lake (5 ha) and the Upper Lake (7.5 hectares). Because of its landscape qualities, this valley is also known as the Polczynska Switzerland. It is probably most beautiful in the autumn and in the spring, when the orchids blossom.

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