The Festival of Children’s Culture in Pacanów

Pacanów is a small village at the south-east end of Ponidzie. For several hundreds of years it was a destination of people pilgrimaging to the Sanctuary of the Dying Jesus Christ.

Kornel Makuszyński introduced children around the World, when he wrote the famous book „Przygody Koziołka Matołka”. Today, the hero of his story is present in every single part of Pacanów, even on the boards with house numbers. Thanks to the character from the books by Kornel Makuszyński, Pacanów became the location of the European Fable Centre. Its futuristic headquarters reminds tourists of a formation from sand. The interior was arranged to look like a land of fairytales and a paradise for children’s imagination.

The European Fable Centre organizes many events for children of all ages. The greatest of these events is the Festival of Children’s Culture, held every year on the weekend of Children’s Day.
For a few days, Pacanów is owned by children from all around Poland. There are plenty attractions in the European Fable Centre and its surroundings waiting for children of any age, including „The Creativity Tent” with art activities, an „Experiment Park”, a playground and a fun fair. There are also concerts of children’s bands and theatre shows. Children will be delighted to meet characters from fables and legends, especially with Matołek the Goat.

The festival is hosted by movie stars, who often give their voices to characters from fable adaptations and animated movies.

One of the major events that accompany the Festival of Children’s Culture are Theatre Master Meetings – a contest of theatre plays prepared by theatre teams from elementary schools from all around Poland.

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