The forgotten park in Maciejowa and its treasures

There is a unique place in the heart of Lower Silesia, several kilometers away from the centre of Jelenia Góra. All you have to do is get through the old, beech forest and listen to the wind quietly whispering between the trees about times long ago…

What does the wind whisper about?

Hundreds of years ago, over the mountains and forests, not far from from the majestic mountain range of Karkonosze, a small village by the name of Maiwadlau was established. Known today as Maciejowa, it was so small, that it only had a handful of farms. Despite the fact that it was constantly expanding, Maciejowa experienced some severely tough times. Citizens had to struggle with plague, starvation and the 30-year war.

It wasn’t until count Johann Ferdinand gained the wealth of Maciejowa around 1686 that things started to get better for Maciejowa.

200 years Maciejowa was owned by Emil Becker – a millioner from Berlin, who renovated the local palace, built an observation tower and took care of the beautiful park by the palace.

The first two floors of the observation towerwere made out of stone, and the next three – from red bricks.

The tower is supervised by by its employee, who lives in a nearby grange. If his master says its OK, he gives the keys to anyone who wants to visit it. You can get to the top by walking through the inner staircase, but the only we to get to the first floor is by outside stairs.

Another interesrting thing around here is the Becker Mausoleum. In 1891 Emil Becker died, and probably his brother in law decides to build a mausoleum, where the remainings of the owner of these lands could rest in peace. He hired the very best architect, who used all he materials he could get.

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