The Great International Knight Tournament in Golub-Dobrzyń

Golub-Dobrzyńis a town which only existed sice 1951. Before that, Dobrzyń was a suburb of a town of Golub, located at the opposite edge of the river Drwęca. In 1466, after the Second Peacemaking in Toruń, Golub and Dobrzyń became part of the Polish country. The extensive Market Square of Golub is an interesting architectural complex, consisting of townspeople’s stonehouses. Between these stonehouses you can see two old houses – one from 1635 and the other from 1771.

The castle in Golub-Dobrzyń is the place, where the ancient knight traditions were revived. Since 1977, each year the stronghold becomes a knight capital of Poland.
The Great International Knight Tournament is one of the most prestigious events of its type in Europe. In 1993 it was even captured on a series of Polish postage stamps.

The progran of the event is modified every year, especially in terms of accompanying events. It refers to outstanding people or historical anniversaries. The whol event begins with a festive march of the knight brotherhoods through the town and the presentation of all the contestants of the tournament. The first day of the event is concluded with historical event stagings and concerts of invited stars. For the next two days the castle is hosting the tournament and all sorts of shows.

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