The Ilawskie Lake District

Between the mysterious, picturesque ruins, on the great lakes, between the forested hills, unforgettable adventures are waiting for tourists. Lively summer villages guarantee great fun for everyone, no matter how old you are.

The Ilawskie Lake District is a perfect place for staying longer than just one wekend, and that’s because of dozens of smaller and large lakes, in which you can have fun while riding sailboats and kayaks, fishing, swimming and sunbathing. There are so many attractions to fill in many weeks.

What should you visit in the Ilawskie Lake District?

This town takes perfect advantage of the five lakes in its borders. In the summer, Ostroda is the heart of culture and entertainment life, which attracts more and more tourists every year, and the most important monument and greatest attraction of the town is the old channel.
The buildings of the 33 000-citizen town climbs up several hills, which are fantastic observation points.

The castle
The castle in Ostroda makes the tourists realize what a large part of such building is played by towers, portals and other details, which at first sight might seem useless.
The gate passing, under which stand an old cannon, leads to the gothic courtyard. In the past, the porches used to surround the entire courtyard, which is evident by the brick jamb of the upper floor.

Lake Drweckie
To the west from the castle, the waters of Lake Drweckie sparkle in the sun. Its edges are surrounded by a quiet boulevard, covered by a park. A channel connects this lake with
Lake Puezenskie.

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