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The Izerskie Mountains

Because of being not too high (with tops located at the height of 1000 – 1126 meters above the sea level), the Izerskie Mountains are very comfortable for hiking – almost any tourist can handle climbing them, even without detailed preparation. Additionally, there are many cycling routes prepared in the Izerskie Mountains, with different difficulty levels and lengths. Not far from Jakuszyce – a district of a vacation town of Szklarska Poreba – in the Jakuszycka Meadow, many routes for cross country skiing were created. In this place, you can also see the prestigious Piast Race. Another great attraction is the dog sled race, which lasts a few days.

The tops of the Izerskie Mountains:
There are 2 parallel mountain ranges located at the Polish side – the Grzbiet Wysoki with Wysoka Kopa (1126 meters above the sea level) – the highest peak of those mountains and Grzbiet Kamienicki – Kamienica (973 meters above the sea level) – the highest top. These ridges are separated with valleys of the river Mala Kamienna and Kwisa. These lowlands are also the location of the Sudecka Droga – communicating the mountain vacation towns of Swieradow Zdroj and Szklarska Poreba, with the Death Turn, which is a famous viewpoint among tourists, not far from Szklarska Poreba.
Among the countless mountain peaks, we must also mention the Izerski Stog (1107 meters above the sea level), which you can reach by riding the brand new gondola lift from Swieradow Zdroj. Here you can also find a mountain shelter and the nearby boundary Smrek. (1124 meters above the sea level). Further to the south-east, at the Hala Izerska, in the surroundings of Sielna Kopa
(888 meters) you will find the next mountain shelter – Chatka Gorzystow, while right next to the Granicznik (870 meters above the sea level) you can find the Orle Tourist Station.

Why should you visit this place?
If someone wants to admire the charms of the Izerskie Mountains, besides small villages they can choose between two mountain vacation towns: Swieradow Zdroj and Szkarska Poreba. In any of these towns there will be no problem with finding a perfect place to stay overnight. The selection is actually limited only by our demands in terms of luxury and the possibilities of our wallets. Swieradow Zdroj seems to be a better choice, if we want to only visit the surroundings of the Izerskie Mountains.

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