The kayaking trail of the Czarna Hańcza river

Apart from the numerous lakes (including Wigry, Okrągłe and Długie) The kayaking trail of the Czarna Hańcza river is the largest river in Suwalszczyzna, which begins in the deepest lake in the region – Hańcza. At the Polish area it flows at the length of approximately 108 kliometers. After crossing the border and kayaking through another 30 kilometers, it flows into Niemno.
The Czarna Hańcza trail is one of the most beautiful and most popular kayaking trails in Poland.

The Czarna Hańcza kayaking trail is not very difficult, it might have a rapid flow, but it also has gentle turns.

Here is a description of a typical kayaking trip down the czarna Hańcza river:

You begin at the western corner of lake Wigry, and after about 2 kliometers, you pass the Łasocha Peninsula on the left and the village of Słupie.
Later, you reach the Ostrów and Krowa islands.

Then you pass by the Brzozowe islands and follow Hańcza to Wysoki Most. You will also pass the estuary of the small Żubrówka river, as well as the buildings of Gulbin, Tartaczysko and other villages.

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