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The Knight Tournament for Tarłówna’s Golden Braid in Dębno

Dębno is a small village located to the east from Brzesko, at the northern end of Pogórze Bocheńskie. It is famous for its beautiful castle residence, which is one of the most well-preserved ones in Poland. The castle was built between 1470 and 1480 for Jakub Odrowąż Dębiński, who was a castellan from Kraków.
The castle is a headquarteers of a division of the Tarnow District Museum, in the rooms at the bottom floor you can admire the exhibit presenting the history of the castle and the village of Dębno. At the higher floor in the Knight’s Room and the Chapel you can admie musical instruments and tools of arts and crafts.

The castle is a gothic scenery for the annual Knight Tournament for Tarłówna’s Golden Braid.
It is a place were history encounters modernity, At the tournament you can see various armament and fighting techniques reaching back to the early middle ages. The shows take place at the area of the former moat, surrounded by defensivr walls, which create a natural amphitheatre.
Part of the tournament is a so-called „Knight Town”, where knights and soldiers rest and prepare their weapons for fighting.

The tournament officially begins with firing the cannon and the march of all the formations in front of the public. The several-hour program is full of fighting shows, stagings of fights and shows of skill and aiming.

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