The Kościeliska Valley

The Kościeliska Valley is located in the Western Tatra Mountains, and is 9 kliometers long, which makes it the second largest valley in the Polish Tatra Mountains, behind the Chochołowska Valley. It is definitely worth coming here, especially since there were a lot of events of the course of history here.

It is very easy to get to the Kościeliska Valley from Zakopane, no matter if you take the bus, or a car. If there isn’t too much traffic, you should get here in about 20 minutes. Getting on a bus that would take you directly to the place, costs about 5 PLN.

If you’re travelling by car, you must pick your parking wisely, because you can pay 10, or even 25 PLN for the entire day. But there’s no need to overpay. There is a parking located approximately 50 meters behind the entrance to the valley.

If you want to enter the park, you’ll have to pay 6 PLN for a normal ticket, or 3 PLN for a reduced ticket.

While taking off for an adventure, you’ll first pass the shorse carriage stop. You can take a horse-driven cariage all the way to the Pisana Valley fro 25 PLN, and from there you’ll be able to walk 30 minutes. In the winter version, you’ll be able to ride a sleigh. After walking 200 meters, you’ll have to pay for entering the Tatra Mountain National Park. Currently it is 6 PLN for a normal ticket. You can pay with your card. The Kościeliska Valley begind in Kiry, and for approximately 9 kliometers, it creates a long and deep rocky ravine. Along the way, the walk can be even more pleasant thanks to the Kościeliski stream, which follows tourists almost all the way to the mountain shelter.

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