The Kozłowska Desert

If you’re dreaming of exotic landscapes or are eager to play in a mighty sandlot, then the Kozłowska Desert is the place for you! It’s not in Africa, or any other far-away country. It is located closer than you might have thought – in Poland! Or, more specifically, in the Lower Silesia. If you haven’t heard of it before, you should read this article and then consider it one of the next destination for a trip.

The Kozłowska Desert is located in the western part of the Lower Silesia region, not far from from the tiny town of Kozłów, right by the border of the lubuskie region. Get ready for a nearly
10-kilometer walk through thick Lower Siliesia forests, and you will be rewarded with exotic landscapes right in the middle of Europe.

Imagine walking through a pine tree forest, while rays of sunshine break through the lush tops of trees. Suddenly, at the end of the path, you see light. You see some something yellow and white, glittering in the distance, which almost blinds you after getting used to the pleasant forest shade. Probably a meadow – you think…

You’re getting closer and closer, and suddenly… You’re only one step away from a completely different world.

Is it true? Could it be?? You pinch yourself. That is true! You’re right in the middle of more than 20 hectares of sand!

There is a desert right in the very middle of Europe, in a completely different climate zone than the one you usually associate deserts with.

Everyone is guaranteed to be shocked by this type of place, and especially young children. Parents can consider this the ultimate sandlot. Their children will have plenty of fun rolling down the hills or trying to build the largest sandcastle in the world.

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