The Krynica-Zdroj observation tower

The observation tower in Krynica-Zdroj is the first Polish tower between the tree crowns. This is a unique wooden construction, which was built on top of the Slotwina Arena ski station, at the height of 896 meters above the sea level, between the forests of Jaworzyna Krynicka. The tower itself is 49.5 meters high. And the trail of the tower meanders up abovce the trees to the length of 1000 meters. The attraction is open annually. You can reach it on foot or by riding a modern, 6-person chairlift.

This is the highest wooden observation tower in Poland and the first such project in our country, which already became a mega-attraction. Before it was built, Polish people had to visit similar paths in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. The one in Krynica is the only one to be entirely made from wood and black locust, which makes it incredibly estetic and at the same time it is safe and solid.

Both climbing the tower and walking the track allows you to admire the amazing views at the nearby mountain peaks and even the Tatra mountains. You can also get familiar with local nature and the history of the region thanks the author’s educational installations.

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