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The Kurpie wedding in Kadzidło

Kadzidło is the most well-known center of kurpie culture, preserved in various arts, including ornamentation, paper cutting, lacing, building and costume making. The characteristic thing for this areaare amber works, collected in the village’s surroundings. The name of the town – Kadzidło – came from the incense, which is produced from tiny pieces of amber and from juniper.
There are still dozens of folk creators and craftsmen working in Kadzidło and its surroundings.
The vilage is dominated by towers of a neo-baroque church of the Holy Spirit, built between 1881 and 1886. By the entrance to Kadzidło from the side of Ostrołęka there is a small open-air museum „Zagroda Kurpiowska”
This is also the place where events associated with with the Kurpie wedding are organized on the third Saturday and Sunday of June. The Kurpie Wedding is the biggest cultural event in Kadzidło.
The Kurpie wedding begins with an inaugural concert with the performance of polish and foreign folk bands. The main event of the weekend is the International Folklor Festival, during which Polish and foreign folk teams present their talents. The culmination point of the party is the presentation of kurpie wedding ceremony, participated by all the artistsof the festival and the tourists. After the Holly Mass in the church the „wedding guests” go to the open-air scene stage, where the „Kurpianka-Cepelia” folklor band from Kadzidło recreates all the traidtional Kurpie wedding customs in great detail. Anyone who joins in can feel like real-life wedding guest.
Dring the three-day event, apart from folkore groups, the stage in the open-air museum hosts bands playing folk-inspired music, rock bands and cabarets. The streets of Kadzidło become a gigantic folklore fair, where you can buy local products from Kurpia and other places in Poland.

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