The Land of Loess Ravines

If you’re planning to spend your vacation in Poland, we’ve got something special for you – the Land of Loess ravines, located upon the Vistula river. This is the location of the largest gathering of Loess Ravines in Europe. This is the place where you can feel the highest btemperature averages and the longest vegetation period. Here you can find many rare species of plants, incrdibly diverse fauna and several types of precious areas in terms of nature, including nature reserves and landscape parks.

The Land of Loess Ravines also has plenty interesting attractions to offer:

The Firlej Castle in Janowiec
The Janowiec Castle was built in the 16th century by Mikołaj Firlej. Over the years, the castle was enhabited by the Tarł and Lubomirski families. The years of its largest greatness were in the years after the Swedish Deluge, when Antoni Lubomirski and his family remarkably rebuilt the castle. The last private owner of the castle was Leon Kozłowski, who bought the castle
before World War II.

The open-air museum in Janowiec
The Janowiec open-air museum is located right next to the castle ruins. It consists of several hundred year-old royal buildings. The building thaty stands out is the granary from Podlodów. Inside the granary you can see, among others, an etnographic exhibit.

The Janowice Lagoon
If you’re visiting the Land of Loess Ravines on a hot summer day, you should keep in mind, that in Janowice there is a lagoon with a sandy beach, which is protected in the summer and allows to rent water equipment. You can find this place by the road leading from Janowiec to Przyłęk.

The „Skarpa Dobrska” nature reserve
This nature reserve of a landscape type will be quite a treat for fans of botanics, geology and walks between the meadows and pastures. It is a strictly protected area because of its landscape and botanical qualities. While following a local educational path, you can reach a typical loess depth, wich is a dozen meters deep.

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