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The Land of Palaces and Gardens in the Jelenia Góra Valley

In the heart of Sudety lies a land, where you can admire spectacular landscapes as well as discover wonderful monuments. There are about 30 castles, palaces and mansions in this area. That’s why in the early 19th century this area was called the „Silesian Elysium” and compared to the castles and palaces upon the Loara Valley in France. Apart from the most excellent aristocrats, this place was visited by artists, philosophers and nature lovers (including Fryderyk Chopin, Johan Wolfgang von Goetheand John Quincy Adams).

The Land of Palaces and Gardens is bordering with Karkonosze from the south and with the Kaczawskie Mountains from the north. It also borders with Rudawy Janowickie from the east, and at the west it reaches the Łomnickie Hills.

Here are a few objects and attractions that are part of the Land of Palaces and Gardens:

The Park and Mansion in Bukowiec
The history of the park and Mansion in Bukowiec reaches back to th 14th century, when th village of Bukowiec was established and it became necessary to build a home for the von Zeidlitz family.
In the late 18th century, the palace came into the hands of a new owner, who gave it a specific tone and look. Since then, the mansion is characterized with a neo-classicist styl, the park is gaining new plants, and the grange is growing and becoming more important.

The castle in Karpniki
The history of the castle in Karpniki goes back to the 14th century, when a knight built the so-called defensive assumption, which over the yars was evolving, changing owners and architectural styles. Toay, the castle is hidden deep in the forest and is owned by a private person. But you can see it from the outside, and in the summer you can also admire the beauty of the surrounding nature.

The Palace on the Water in Staniszów
The Palace on the Water is a gorgeous water-park complex located in Staniszów, not far from Jelenia Góra. It was built in the late 18th century, a rebuilt around 1830. The palace was designed at the plan of a rectangle and covered with a hipped roof. The palace has two floors and an attic.

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