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The Lipski palace in Czerniejewo

Czerniejewo is a peaceful town, located far away from the main communication trails. It is located 15 kilometers away from the capital of the region – Września. In 1735, priest Andrzej (Onufry) Kopczyński was born, who ewould go on ot become a Pijar teacher and develop the first book about Polish grammar in history.

The greatest attraction of Czerniejewo is an impressive baroque-styled palace-park complex, combined with a representative, wide Palace alley, with the church of St. John the Baptist located in the centre. Some people suspect that the plan and the project of the building’s interior was developed by Jan Chrystian Kamsetzer. Not long after the palace was created, in 1790 it was rebuilt in a fashionable, classicist style. During this reconstruction, a monumental portico, supported by four ionic columns, was built. Later, between 1926 and 1928, a new wing was added, and in the late 1970s and early1980s, the palace was combined with an outbuliding by the western side.

The road leads from the centre of the town to the residence along the Palace alley through the bridge and the neo-classicist gate. Directly by the palace building you can find an extensive courtyard, surrounded by outbuildings.

The interior of the palace is organized with the use of elements of pre-wartime furniture. The most representative rooms are the round Garden Room and the entrance hall at the bottom floor, as well as the round Concert Room and the Golden Living Room, located higher.

In 1997, the palace hsoted presidents of seven countries, who took part in the Holy Mass in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the death of St. Wojciech.

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