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The Lubuskie Movie Summer in Łagów

Łagów is a summer vacation village, picturesquely located upon lake Łagowskie and lake Trześniowskie. It is the capital town of the Łagowskie Lake District. Between 1347 and 1810, this town was owned by the Joannit Order. The remaining of the former owner is a castle built in the second half of the 14th century. This is the most precious historical monument in Łagów, and one of the most interesting ones in the entire lubuskie region. In the castle there is a hotel, a restaurant and a cafe. Bellow the castle there is an amphitheater – a place, whereevery year the Lubuskie Movie Summer Festival is organized. And this event became the reason for Łagów to become popular in the entire country. It generated from the tradition of the Polish film festival, which was organized in Łagów for the first time back in 1969. Since 1990, the Lubuskie Movie Summer is an international festival, foxusing on movies made in Central and Eastern Europe.
The Lubuskie Movie Summer in Łagów presents independent, artistic, autor’s movies, which tell viewers about various aspects of life and the problems of the Old Continent.
However, this event is not just movie screenings, but also an opportunity to discuss movie art and a chance for the audience to meet their favourite movie makers. The Lubuskie Movie Summer Festival gives birth to need for unique movies, which may lack celebrities and special afects, but even so, you can still meet the famous people of European movies, who fulfill the artistic movie projects far from the needs of the mass recipient. A tradition of the festival is a conest, during which the jury lead by famous movie makers gives three main awards: the Golden Bunch, the Silver Bunch and the Bronze Bunch. There is also an award for special achievements – the Diamond Bunch. In its entire history, there were only three times that the festival was cancelled – twice during the war state and in 2008 due to financial problems.

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