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The Magiczne Ogrody theme park in Janowiec

„Magiczne Ogrody” is a wonderful family-friendly theme park, located in Janowiec, nearby Kazimierz Dolny upon Vistula. It is a great place, where not only children can have lots of fun. This is the first Polish sensory theme park, which was based upon an original, fairytale story.
Between the trees, thousands of blooming flowers, streams and picturesque waterfalls, magical lands were created, which became home to creatures like Robanki, dragons, centuries-old Drzewce, magical birds and the mischievous Mordole.

In the Magiczne Ogrody theme park visitors can find unconventional playgrounds, adapted to the age and possibilities of children. The park was divided into sensory areas, meant to activate all senses and stimulate curiosity and creativity of young guests. Children will have no restrictions and be able to run all around the park, build sand castles, and hop into the water.

For anyone who loves adventures, there are many interesting places to play, including fantastic playgrounds, swings, merry-go-rounds and a giant slide. You ca also relax in picturesque corners between the trees and bushes, on the sunny beach and shady benches.

All these attractions are available in the price of the ticket. Since 2019, there is a new attraction available for guests – incredible bridges between tree crowns and tunnels hidden in the roots of the trees. The bridges are two-storey and 400 meters long. This is an attraction for both children
(ages 4 and up) and grown-ups.

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