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The „Mlyn Wiedzy” Modernity Centre in Torun

The „Mlyn Wiedzy” Modernity Centre in Torun is the first Science Centre ever to be created in the kujawsko-pomorskie region. It was officially open on November 9th 2013. It is located at 5 Lokietka street, in the former Richter Mill. The buildings in which the Richter Mill used to be, were completely restored and are currently a place, where people of all ages can have fun and learn new things at the same time.

During your visit in the „Mlyn Wiedzy” Modernity Centre, you can visit 3 permanent exhibits:

„About rotations” – the main subject of this exhibit is the rotary movement and its practical use.It refers to the revolutionary work of Nicolas Copernicus.

„The river” – This exhibit is mainly focused on the impact of the river Vistula. Here you can learn about the river’s journey, beginning at the spring and going all the way to its delta estuary in the sea.
You can also learn about sewage treatment plants, and simple irrigation machines. Thanks to the huge number of interactive exhibits, this display is perfect for families with children.

„IDEAS” – This exhibit connects humanities, science and elements of art. Here you can find 21 interactive positions and especially prepared elements of arrangement. The subjects of the exhibits combine with each other, to create a story of human ideas infiltrating different areas of life. While visitng this display, you will learn how the human body is built and discover the difference between an animal cell and the plant cell.

There are also several time-limited exhibits, which change very often. Be sure to check the Modernity Centre’s website to keep in touch with the latest news on time-limied exhibits.

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