The most beautiful castles in Poland.

Poland is famous for countless monumental, impressive castles – there are more than 400 of them at the area of our country. Although most of these castles have turned inot ruins, there are also plenty objects, which are still very well preserved today. Let us introduce you to our list of the most beautiful castles in Poland.

Castles in Poland continue to delight tourists with their majesty, interesting history amnd the diversity of architectural styles. Here are 10 most gorgeous Polish castles, which you just have to see at least once.

The Książ castle in Wałbrzych
This is the third largest castle in Poland and the largest one in Lower Silesia. The fortress was built in the 13th century and is part of the Piast Castle Trail. Tourists can not only admire the impressive building, but also the beautiful interior. Unfortunately, most of the chambers were destroyed and robbed, but some of them is quite well preserved. The most beautiful rooms are definitely the Maximilian Room, the Chinese Room and the Italian Room. Around the castle there is a garden, a park and a horse stable.

Tourists should pay special attention to the palm house, where they can see more than 250 species of plants from various continents. The Książ Castle is famous for the fact, that since 1941 it was one of Adolf Hitler’s headquarters.

The Niedzica castle
This medieval castle stands out thanks to its unique location – on a picturesque and rocky headland upon the Czorsztyn Lagoon (in the małopolskie region). The Niedzica castle (or the Dunajec Castle) was built in 1310 by the order of the Hungarian king Charles Robert. Over the years, this building became a mighty defensive object. Some tourists might find it exciting to hear, that th legendary Janosik was once put in the castle’s prison.

From the castle’s terraces you can admire the views of Pieniny,the Dunajec dam and the nearby Czorsztyn Castle. With a bit of luck (and good visibility) you might even be able to see the peaks of the Tatra Mountains. The Niedzica Castle „played” in several movies and TV shows, including 1955’s „Zemsta”, „Janosik” or „Wakacje z Duchami”.

The Moszna castle
This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful castles in Poland. It delights tourists with its size
(it has 365 rooms), architecture (99 towers of different shapes and sizes) and picturesque landscape. The Moszna castle was built in the surroundings of a gigantic park, which only makes it even more charming. The main building was created in the 18th century, but it didn’t gain its current look until the following century.

Although the building is referred to as a castle, it never actually had a defensive function at all. According to legend, it was once owned by the Templar Order. Until 2013, the castle served as… the Neurosis Therapy Centre, which used music therapy. The Moszna castle is located approximately 35 kilometers away from Opole.

The Krzyżtopór castle
The 17th century Krzyżtopór was the largest palace building in Europe until the creation of the Versailles castle. Although the buliding was never fully completed, without a doubt it has some impressive architecture (although today you can only see its ruins) and fascinating history, which became the source of many legends over the years.

Currently the castle has the status of a ruin and a historical monument. The current proof of the castle’s former greatness is mostly the size of the building and the walls preserved in 90% (The fortress is empty on the inside). The Krzyżtopór castle is located in the village of Ujazd, in the Świętokrzyskie region.

The Kórnik castle
Although the origins of the castle date back to the middle ages, the current shape of the castle originated in the mid-19th century. The interiors still have their original decorations created by the residence’s owners. Today the castle holds a museum with many unique artefacts., including furniture from various eras, sculptures, paintings of the greatest Polish artists and artwork from silver and porcelain.

The most magnificent interior of the castle is the Moorish Room (inspired by Alhambra in the Spanish town of Grenada) This place was originally meant to be a library, but it was later changed to a museum room, which exposes national monuments. The Kórnik castle is located in the wielkopolskie region, about 20 kilometers away from Poznań.

The Malbork castle
The Malbork castle is one of the most excellent medieval fortresses in Europe. This impressive, extensive complex consists of three castles, which have the total surface of 210 000 square meters. For 150 years this mighty fortress was the headquarters, and since 1997 it is part of the UNESCO monument list.

This castle is not called the largest brick mountain to the north from the alps for nothing – that’s because over 4.5 million bricks were used to build it! Today, the Malbork Castle serves as a museum. Visitors can see various exhibits here, which show, among others, amber, armor and weapons.

The Czocha castle
The Czocha castle, located upon Lake Leśniańskie, in the Lower Silesia region, might remind you of a fairytale fortress from above. This place is unusual thanks to its wonderful location and beautiful architecture. The impressive building was created as a stronghold in the 13th century by the order of the Czech King Wacław I. A few centuries later, the castle was owned by the Polish country.

The building combines the remainings of gothic and baroque style. The Czocha Castle appeared in several tv series and movies, including „The Witcher”, „Gdzie jest generał?” and „Święta Wojna”.

The Wawel Royal Castle
The Wawel hill and the Royal Castle is actually a treasure trove of Polish history and culture. For centuries, this place was home to Polish kings and princes, as well as the political center of the Polish country. At the Wawel Hill, visitors can see, among others, representative royal chambers, private royal apartments, an armor room and the crown treasure vault, where Szczerbiec – the coronation sword of the Polish kings, is being kept. Another thing that makes a gigantic impression is the Senatorial Hall – the largest chamber of the castle. This is where important national celebrations took place, including senate meetings and royal weddings.

Under the Wawel hill you can find the most famous Polish cave – the Dragon’s Lair. You should definitely visit this place at the end of the visit. In 1978 the Wawel Hill Royal Castle, as well as the Old Town, Kazimierz and Stradom was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Gniew castle
The gothic castle in Gniew was built by the Teutonic order in the late 13th century and expanded in the following centuries. The building located on the hill is, besides the Malbork castle, one of the most famous Crusaders’ buildings in Poland.

Inside the castle you can see the torture room, which contains a collection of medieval execution equipment. During the visit you can also see the castle chapel, two exhibits (The Grunwald exhibit and the time-limited exhibit) anbd the World War II room. Since 1992, the castle organizes spectacles, historical stagings, and knight tournaments.

The Pieskowa Skała Castle
The famous Pieskowa Skała Castle, guarded by the Hercules Club, is situated by the rocky cliff in the Ojców National Park (At the area of Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska). The building is located in the surroundings of numerous limestone rocks, at the Eagle Nest Trail. The castle is divided into two parts – przedgrodzie and the main renaissance castle.

At the area of the castle you can see a museum, viewing terraces, a beautiful garden and a path leading to the Hercules Club. The beauty of this place was appreciated by movie makers – the movies in which the Pieskowa Skała Castle appeared include „Stawka większa niż życie”, „Janosik” and „Ogniem i mieczem”.

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