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The Myslowice City Museum

The Myslowice City Museum is located in the exact same building as the Central Firefighting Museum, obviously in Myslowice, in the Upper Silesia. Both exhibitions can be seen during one trip with the same entrance ticket.

Myslowice is quite a large town, which currently has approximately 75 000 citizens. The origins of Myslowice are uncertain, but most likely they reach back to the 12th or 13th century One of the most interesting historical facts is that before 1915 nearby Myslowice, the borders of three countries were meeting – Russia, Austria and Prussia. That’s why this place was often called the Three Emperors’ Triangle. For this reason’s different cultures, customs, trade and emigrants were crossing paths. And the border contact itself was a tourist attraction in the early 20th century already.

What can we find in this museum?
The Myslowice City Museum gathers historical monuments from different reas of the citizens’ life. Here we can see, among others, arranged rooms, such as the kitchen, living rooms, and classroomns in a school. The earlier mentioned kitchen, living room and bedroom are very realistically furnished with great detail. The effects of excavations are presented in cabinets dedicated archaeological collections Visitors should pay special attention to objects associated to the Silesian Uprisings, the plebiscite, the industry, sport and crafting. On one of the walls you can see plenty of old photos, picturing various events from the town’s history.

Fans of sacred art are sure to be interested by a beautiful wooden neogothic altar from Krasowow. (Currently a district of Myslowice)

It’s not very hard to get to the museum. Although it is located beyond the city center, there are numerous sign which will show you the way. The prices of the tickets are very low. But if you decide to come on Sunday, you’ll get to see the exhibition for free.

The museum is open everyday except Mondays.

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