The Narew National Park

The Narew National Park, created on July 1st 1996, is one of the 23 national parks in Poland. The symbol of the Narew National Park is the moor buzzard. The park is located in north-east Poland, in the podlaskie region, at the area of the Północno-podlaska Lowland in the Upper Narew Valley. At the area of the park, Narew has a character of an anastomosing river, creating a mosaic layout of the park’s pools, land settlements and swamp settlements – all of that gives the river and the park its unique character.

At the area of the park there are 58 gatherings of plants, most of which are swamp plants –
large-size diabetic and rush gatherings. Apart from that, there are mineral elevations, overgrown by grass. Such arrangement of vegetation developed as a result of traditional meadow economy.

Some of the plants protected by the park include the three-leaf beaver, the buckthorn, the medicinal primrose and the Lily of the valley, as well as the yellow water lily and tile gladiolus

The Park is a settlement foer countless species of birds, including the white-tailed eagle. Here you can also encounter mustelids, including an ermine and a ferret. There is also a protected type of a daytime butterfly – Oedipus hyphae, along with 34 species of mammals, including the european beaver, the muskrat, the european hedgehog, a shrew and bigger species, such as the european deer, the moose, the deer and the boar. Among the 21 species of fish that can be found in the park three are protected: common rose fish, common slime and the Ukrainian lamprey.

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