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The National Museum of Przemysl Land

The National Museum of Przemysl Land – located, of course, in Przemysl – has several divisions, including the Museum of Bells and Pipes and the Museum of History of Przemysl. But since 2008, the headquarters is located in the building by the Berek Joselewicz Square. Before that, because offinance and localization problems, it needed to be moved every now and then.

The history of the museum begins in the early 20th century (more than 100 years ago). The first artefacts were from the private collection of Kazimierz and Tadeusz Osinski. This collection was frequently expanded thanks to gifts given by the community. The exhibition was first available to the public in 1910, and was patroned by the Association of Science Friends in Przemysl. It has been functioning as a National Museum since 1921.

What do we have here?
The museum owns hundreds of thousands of artefacts from several science fields: archaeology, history, numismatics, art, etnography and nature. Visitors can choose between permanent and
time-limited exhibits. The time-limited exhibits keep changing all the time, so we won’t be talking about them today. Meanwhile, the permanent exhibits can be divided into several themes.

The „Two-voiced Credo” exhibit exposes sacred catholic and orthodox art, because on these areas, the paths of believers of both christianity branches were crossing paths for centuries.

At this point we must mention that Przemysl is one of the few cities in Poland, where there are currently two cathedrals. One is catholic and the other is is greekcatholic. Both are beautiful and worth seeing. Fans of sacred art should also visit the local Archdiocesan Museum.

A numerous group of citizens of Przemysl once also consisted of the Jews, to which th next exhibit is dedicated. It contains objects that were ritually used in a synagogue, as well as the usual ones, which were used at home.

The last permanent exhibit tells the story of the Przemysl Fortress, one of the most famous fortresses in our country.

Practical information

The museum is open everyday except Mondays. If you come on thursday, you can see the exhibition for free.

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