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The Radziwiłł hunting palace in Antonin

Antonin is a former, private forest settlement, owned by Antoni Henryk Radziwiłł. The prince was spending the summer months here, dividing time between hunting and artistic activities; he was a remarkably talented musician, but he also spent his time on writing and painting.
Such an unconventional place, in the heart of the forest at the east of the Milicka Valley, just had to be the locatio for an incredible, wooden palace. The project of this building was ordered by the prince to be designed by a Berlin architect – Karl Fryderyk Schinkel.

The castle is famous mostly because of a special guest, who was visiting it in 1827 and 1829. That guest was Fryderky Chopin, who even composed two musical pieces for prince Radziwiłł and his daughter Wanda – „Introdukcja” and „Polonez C-dur op. 3”.

After World War II, the palace was used as a colony centre. In 1974, the renovation works began, which were awarded with an Europa Nostra award in the 1990s.

The palace was built from wood at a plan of a greek cross. At the elevation of the palace you can see a board commemorating Chopin’s visit, and in the park b the palace there is a monument of the composer.

The 13-hectare green area was separated from the local forests. The palace is elevating at the edge of an extensive meadow, surrounded by ancient oak trees.

The palace and the park are part of the Culture and Art Centre in Kalisz. Currently this is the loation of a hotel and restaurant. Tourists can visit the commemorative chamber of Fryderyk Chopin with furniture, a piano, pictures and a handprint of the composer.

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