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The ruins of the Mielnik Castle

The castle in Mielnik was created in the 15th century and rebuilt in renaissance style in the 16th century. But unfortunately, it was destroyed in the 17th century.

The castle was first mentioned in documents quite late – in the 14th century The earliest mention originated in 1379. It was written by a Teutonic chronicler named Wigand from Marburg.

In 1382 and by the power of the decision of king Władysław Jagiełło in 1391, the castle was owned by the prince of Mazowsze Janusz I Stary. Probably before 1420, prince Witold founded a catholic church in the lower part of the castle. The lower part of the castle gained its defensive charater probably in the 15th century, perhaps in the times when it was owned by the prince of Mazowsze Bolesław IV Warszawski, who sold the castle to king Kazimierz IV Jagiellończyk
The upper castle was located at the west, and its main building was a stonehouse, equipped with two bastions.

In 1486, the castle was visited by Kazimierz Jagiellończyk, and since September 18th 1501, Aleksander Jagiellończyk came to the castle with anticipation for the crown.

During the reign of Zygmunt Stary, in the 1540s, the castle was rebuilt in renaissance style, making the representative qualities more improtant than the defensive ones.

Between 1551 and 1560 the castle was burned, and all that was left behind were the church and the entrance tower. However, in 1560 there already was a new, three-room mansion of foreman Jarosz Korycki.

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