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The ruins of the romantic Potocki castle at Lake Góreckie

The small, neo-gothic mansion on an island in the middle of a picturesque lake was founded and most likely personally designed by Tytus Działyński, the owner of the Kórnik and Konarzew castle. This romantic building was supposed to be a gift from Tytus to his sister, Klaudyna Działyńska and her husband Bernard Potocki, in honor of their wedding, which took place on August 25th, 1825. And although the purpose of this extravagant residence has always been purely recreational, based on the intentions of its creator, it also gained the qualities of a medieval stronghold.

However, the happy spouses didn’t get to enjoy the forest residence for long. The last time they were present here, was in the late summer of 1830. After the outbreak of the november uprising, they went to Warsaaw, where Bernard took part in the battle, and his wife was helping the injured insurgents. After the fall of the insurrection, they both left the country and never returend to the island. Klaudyna ultimately arrived in Geneva, where she died in 1836. Bernard returned to

Greater Poland four years after her death and settled down in his family’s wealth, not far from Poznań, where he became known as a writer and a translator from French.

This castle was the first romantic building in Greater Poland to be given gothic qualities and a facade defensive character. The building, which was designed on a plan of the letter L, consisted of two wings of uneven length and width, which were juxtaposed with each other, and a cylindric tower.

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