The sanctuary and lagoon in Krasnobrod

Krasnobrod is a small town in Lubelszczyzna, located not so far from Zamosc. It has approximately 3000 pernament citizens at the surfrace f 3 square kilometers. It gained city rights in the year 1572, but lost them for the time between 1869 and 1994. The Sanctuary and lagoon in Krasnobrod sare some of the most inquisitive attractions for anyone coming to Roztocze.

The Marian Sanctuary
The baroque-styled sanctuary was built between 1690 and 1699. It was founded by Maria Kazimiera Sobieska – the wife of the Polish king – and designed by Jan Michal Link. The dominicans where in charge of administration and priesthood. However, the tsar powers removed them in 1864, The church is made out of brick and plastered. Instead of a tower, it has a tiny signature. Inside the church, visitors can admire 5 altars covered with gold. The main altar, which is the most important of all the altars, was created by Jan Maucher. It easily drives anyone’s attention with carved characters of Saint Dominicans – Dominik, Jacek, Wincenty Ferreriusz and Tomasz from Akwin. In the altars on the sides you can also see the Holy Mother of Czestochowa,
St. Walenty, St. Anna and the cruciffied Jesus Christ.

The Sanctuary is connected to the monumental monastery. At its area you can find the Sacred Art Museum and the Harvest Wreath Museum.

Numerous pilgrims are attracted to the main altar by the Marian image, which is very peculiar. Unlike many other pictures, in this one the Holy Mother doesn’t hold the Holy Infant in her arms, but rather, she takes a bow before the Baby Jesus lying down in her feet Because the original picture is very small, in order to allow visitors to see it in detail, a much larger copy of the picture was painted, while the original was placed in the copy’s upper right corner.

On hot and sunny days, people come to Krasnobrod not only to admire the sancturary, but also relax at the local lagoon of the river Wieprz. It is especially worth mentioning, because Krasnobrod has a quite well developed accommodation base, so even if you’rer coming for a few days from far away, you will be quite welcome here. Here you can find a sandy beach, a pier, a playground for children and a water equipment rental.

The surface of the water is 23 hectares, which makes it the largest recreational water area in Roztocze.

What else should you see in Krasnobrod?
To the north from the lagoon you can find a quarry with an observation tower. And in the former Leszczynski Mansion there is a health spa. You should also visit an interesting chapel „on the water”, the chapel of St. Roch, two Jewish cemeteries and a dinosaur park.

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