The Sarnia Skała trail

Sarnia Skała used to be known as Mała Świnica. Although there are no twisted mountain twists, cliffs, or exhausting, steep approaches, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun here. This route is perfect for a beginning of the Tatra Mountain adventure as well as for thos,e who already visiteed a few trails. And the main reason is the fact, that this place is simply beautiful.

Most people decide to walk to Sarnia Skała through the Strążyska Valley and go back the same way. This trip usually takes about 3 hours. But let us suggest a slightly longer route. If you add 30 minutes to this route, you’ll have a possibility to take a walk through a charming loop, through the excellent Biały Valley, and the already mentioned Strążyska Valley. Some Tatra mountain wanderers say that the first valley is a bit more charming than the nearby Strążyska Valley.

You can leave your car at one of the numerous parkings at the end of Strążyska street. The price of leaving your car is approximately 20 PLN. Right before entering the Strążyska Valley, you should look for a path called „Droga pod Reglami”, which turns left. The black trail leads along the edge of an enjoyable forest, for 25 minutes. We especially recommend taking this valley in the spring, when it is very colorful here. Because for its precious nature values, you can get through the valey all the way to the top of Sarnia Skała by following a nature path with eleven stations, named after professor Stanisław Sokołowski (the man who came up with the idea of creating the Tatra Mountain National Park).

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