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TOP-5 Polish dishes

We have prepared TOP-5 Polish dishes (we bet you’ve never tried) which will steal your heart and will definetely make you come back here again and again?

Barszcz czerwony ( Beetroot soup) – nothing common with the famous Ukranian Borshch! Polish borshch it’s a red beetroot liquid with small dumplings with following fillings: fried sauerkraut & mushrooms or meet.

Oscypek z żurawiną (smoked cheese with cranberry) – it is a smoked goat cheese made of salted sheep milk exclusively in Tatra Mountains. Oscypek is a protected trade name under the European Union that means you can find it only in Tatra mountains closest areas to the mountains including Cracow.

Pierogi Russkie -probably it’s the most famous traditional Polish dish! Basically it’s dumplings with potatoes cottage cheese and fried onion filling.
Please note: there is no any connection with Russia!

Żurek – fermented sour rye (or wheat) soup which is often served in bread. The soup is quite original and very hearty – the main ingredients are: sausage, potatoes and egg.

Zapiekanka -Polish fast food. When in Poland there were no hot-dogs and humburgers, Poles have invented zapiekanka: baked baguette with cheese, mushrooms and ketchup on the top. However, when you order it, you can choose any ingredients you want! That’s super cheap, simple and delicious!

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