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5 Ultimate reasons you should visit Wroclaw!

Most of travellers going to Poland, even don’t consider visiting Wroclaw. What’s a shame!?It’s one of the most remarkable European cities you just can’t skip! Below you’ll find TOP-5 reasons proving that!???

It’s still undiscovered!

Wroclaw is still undiscovered by crowds of tourists.There you will find rather a mix of locals, students and just few tourists. Wroclaw isn’t spoiled yet by global tourism industry. Coming here, you can dive into the local’s atmosphere and feel the real spirit of the city while exploring it!
So, hurry up!?‍♂?‍♀Probably in a few years the situations will be changed❗

Good quality for low prices

It naturally comes out from the 1st reason. Because of less tourists, any place you visit whether it’s a restuarant, pub, coffe place or simply stores will offer you good quality local products for very friendly prices (even in the city cenre!). Moreover, the design of many places is absolutely unique, I bet, you’ve never seen before! So, you don’t have to search for hours where to spend your time. You just go out and and enjoy the services and nice atmosphere!??

Wroclaw is much more than just a charming city..

Behind these colorful medieval (and modern) walls there is much more hidden…✨Long, complecated, controversial and uncertain history not every city can tell…For example: before the WW2 it was the 2nd biggest German city (after Berlin), destroyed in the end of the war on 75% by Soviet troops. After the war it bacomes a Polish city under the communism regime. You still can see footprints of different cultures walking around the city?

Dwarfs are following you!

You can meet a dwarfs literally everywhere!?Sometimes in a very unpredictable places!There are almost 400 of them and constantly appear new! Nothing surprising: dwarf is a symbol of Wroclaw. But why Wroclaw’s habitants are so obseessed with it? The explanation is very interesting, and connected with will of Polish people to fight with communism regime between dark 45-s and 90-s in a highly sarcastic and unexpected way: using dwarfs!??Funny story with a deep significant meaning. Polish people have incredible sense of humor and a firm character, it’s true. Keep reading our posts, We will tell you this unbelievable story in the following posts✌?

Wroclaw is the best destination in Europe!

Wroclaw has won the international contest “European Best Destination 2018” (‼), competing with Paris, London and Barcelona. Residents of 146 countries from all over the world were voiting for Wroclaw.
By the way, the EBD (European Best Destination) is an international organization with headquarters in Brussels, which is engaged in the promotion of culture and tourism on Europe??

PS Sounds good?And promising, isn’t it? Come and check it by yourself!

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