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Tourist attractions of Tykocin

Monuments of Tykocin

  • The royal castle of Tykocin, 3 Puchalski street – a 16th century building created by king Zygmunt Augustus, on the oozing of a wooden stronghold, it has a from of a trapeze with a courtyard and four round towers, it used to be a mighty stronghold, today it is wonderfully restored and open for tourists.
  • The Holy Trinity church and the market square – the late-baroque building from the 18th century with a monumental façade, it is ornamental for the city’s baroque main square, inside the temple you can see the valuable organs, and next to them there is a monastery missionary complex.
  • The Bernardine monastery, Klasztorna street – an 18th century building
  • The Giant Synagogue of Tykocin, 2 Kozia street/ the Small Market – a marvelous 17th century building, expanded in the next century, currently The Jewish Culture Museum.
  • The Talmudic House, Kozia street – also known as the Small Synagogue, the second object of the Jewish Culture Museum and the Jewish cuisine, located next to the synagogue.
  • The Stefan Czarniecki monument, Main Square – the second oldest monument in Poland, behind the Zygmunt Column in Warsaw, located in the central part of the square, created in 1763 from the szydlowiecki sandstone
  • The Pentowo mansion, 39 Kaczorowo Colony – a monumental mansion open for tourists

The attractions of Tykocin and the surroundings:

  • The Narwianian National Park
  • The terrain of the Protected Landscape of the Narwia valley – a picturesque corner with curves and old river beds
  • The Tykocin swamps
  • The European Stork Countryside, 39 Kaczorowo colony – at the Pentowo mansion there is a one of a kind tourist attraction – a stork countryside with a few dozens of the nests of these birds, honored with a special European prize in 2001
  • Kiermusy – the Ostoya of the bison and the gentleman tradition – an interesting place
  • Walking and bicycling tourist paths
  • Canoe trails in the Narwia pools.

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