Unconventional Museums in Warsaw

Think you know all the best museums in the caipital of Poland? Think again! Today we will introduce you to several museums in Warsaw which you might not have heard of, but are undoubtedly worth visiting.

The Neon Museum
If you look at the photos of Warsaw from the times of PRL, one of the first things you will notice will be the contrast of of dirty, socrealistic buildings with the brightness and the fineness of the shape of neons, which advertise all kinds of properties and products. By the way, we wouldn’t mind if neons would replace the unsightly billboards and banners with – you guessed it – neons…

Unfortunately, such neons keep disappearing from the city landscapes due to countless renovations and revitalizations. That’s such a shame! But thankfully, some of them were rescued of certain death by the organizers of the Neon Museum, who have been collecting the most interesting neons for 15 years. The commercial of the „Bajeczny” chocolate bar, legendary cafe neons, or the glowing Warsaw Mermaid – A visit to the Neon Museum in Warsaw wilkl be a retro-journey, which is worth not only of excploring, but also of understanding.

The Polish Alcohol Museum
Our next proposition is located in the Prague district – similarly to the Neon Museum.
The location of the Polish Alcohol Museum is no accident – it was established in the place of the Koneser Alcohol Factory, which became a household name for producing such recognizable drinks as Wyborowa, Luksusowa or Żubrówka.

The Warsaw Prague District Museum
You might know a lot about the history of our country, and evenm about the city of Warsaw. But what about the local history?
Honestly, this kind of history might actually be the most interesting. That’s why we recommend the Prague District Museum in Warsaw. It’s an excellent choice for any fans of local history – no matter if they live in Warsaw or somehwere else in Poland.

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