Unconventional places in Poland that surprise with a close encounter

There are several small town in Poland, that might have nothing to offer at first glance. But it is always a pleasure to discover what these inostensible places have in store for tourists. Let us intorduce you to some incredible mysteries hidden in small Polish towns, that will have you picking your jaws of the ground!

There are pyramids in Poland that are older than those in Egypt, but very little people know about it. These are not classic pyramids in a shape that’s mostly seen in Egypt, but rather a very long bar.

These tombs are associated with the neolithic culture of funnel-shaped cups. Not only important and famous people were buried here, but also shepherds and farmers. The pyramids are located in an archaeological reserve in Wietrzychowice, in the kujawsko-pomorskie region.

Ząbkowice Śląskie
Think that this humble town in the Lower Silesia has absolutely nothing to offer? Think again! There are plenty of reason to come to Ząbkowice Śląskie:

This town is the location of a crooked tower, one of the very few in Poland.

In Ząbkowice Śląskie you can visit ruins of a spectacular castle

In the past the town was called Frankenstein and yes, this was probably the inspiration for
Mary Shelley to write her legendary novel – „Frankenstein”.

It might be an ordinary mountain like any other, but it has plenty of mnysteries to share. And it’s no wonder why many people from Lower Silesia love to visit this place.

Did you know…?

Ślęża was the place of the pagan solar cult

There is a gossip that the mountain was the hiding place of the Gold of Wrocław, a deposit of the people living in the city, which was taken out of the town by the end of World War II.

Ślęża is also a natural chakra of power in Poland, considered to be one of the strongest places of its kind.

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