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Underrated beautiful Polish regions

Think you know all the interesting places in Poland by heart? Think again! In this article I will tell you a bit about some of the overlooked Polish regions that are worth visiting, even if they’re not broadly advertised by everyone. In fact, that might make them more appealing for you, if you’re not a fan of crowds.

The Polish Spisz
This is a land on the south of Poland, located between the Bialka river and the Polish-Slovak border.
Here you can stop in one of the numerous villages, which are not as as popular as the biggest resorts in Pieniny and the Tatra mountains. This destination is worth considering, if you want sit on the porch in the evening with a cup of tea and a photo camera. Spisz is perfect for both active people, who enjoy waking in the mountains, and those who prefer relaxing. There is also something special for amateurs of interesting architecture. You can see wooden churches in Frydman, Niedzica, Trybsz and Kacwin.

The Drawskie Lake District
This is one of the most mysterious Lake Districts in the country. Have you heard, that the Drawskie Lake District has its very own U-Boot? The story of the lost ship is waiting to be proven, and anyone who succeeds, will receive a reward.
During World War II, in today’s High School by Parkowa Street in Czaplinek, officers of the German army were probably trained. And that might be one of the evidences ot support thus theory.

The Kaczawskie Foothills
The Kaczawskie Foothills in the Lower Silesia and the Kaczawskie Mountains are little-known mesoregions, which are definitely worth discovering, because of, among others volcanoes and castles. This is an incredibly picturesque area, also known as the Land of Extinct Volcanoes. At one of the elevations, at the height 389 meters above the sea level, there is the Grodziec castle.
In the western part of the foothills, we can find its highest peak: The Ostrzyca, which is 501 meters high. It is the highest volcano in Poland.

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